Charles Darwin: Shaper of Evolutionary Thinking (Lance Workman)

Written by Dave Clarke on .

Lance Workman

Palgrave/MacMillan (2014)

ISBN: 978-0-230-30154-2

Lance Workman is Visiting Professor of Psychology at the University of South Wales. Previously he was Head of Psychology at Bath Spa University and has been published widely on biological and evolutionary psychology. He regularly appears in the media where he comments on developments in psychology and frequently interviews prominent psychologists in the 'Psychologist' magazine. He is also co-author of a very informative book with Will Reader 'Evolutionary Psychology: An Introduction'. The third edition is due to be published and on the shelves any day now.

The Mind Shapers series of books was the idea of OUPS Vice-President Richard Steven's which also formed the basis of the OUPS, 2010 (Mind Shapers) Conference. As the title suggests, key thinkers in psychological subjects were appraised by relevant psychologists of today who produced a book in the series and gave a conference talk. Lance Workman's book is the latest in the Mind Shapers series on evolutionary thinking.

If you are looking for a concise but very informative book on Charles Darwin this has to be it. It is easy to read as Lance Workman's style flows and the content packed with interesting facts and information. Chapter 1 gives an excellent introduction to the background of Darwin, but then the chapter on sex and emotion is equally captivating. The other interesting chapters of note are 'Is Darwin Dangerous?' and 'Evolutionary Psychology - Darwin's Science of Behaviour Realised'. But then it is all fascinating stuff written by someone who really knows his subject.