Free membership for DE100 students

OUPS would like to welcome all new DE100 students to your first compulsory psychology module.

To help you get to know OUPS a little better we offer an introductory year's free membership of our society. As part of this offer you will get electronic versions of the quarterly newsletter as well as discounted fees for OUPS National and Regional events. We hope that you will enjoy your year's free membership and that it will help you feel part of the OU Psychology community.

To receive the benefits of membership, just purchase annual membership, selecting the appropriate free option. Your membership will commence immediately.

We reserve the right to ask for proof that you are studying DE100 and to cancel membership and recover any benefits received if you are unable to provide this, or if you have taken more than one year's free membership without prior authorisation.


DE100 free membership starts on the date on which it is taken out. DE100 January membership expires on the following 31st December, and DE100 October membership expires on the following 30th September. This means that you should wait until January 1st or October 1st before taking this membership, otherwise it will expire before your course starts !


DE100 memberships

DE100 January Starter
Free membership until the next December 31st

DE100 October Starter
Free membership until the next September 30th

Events for DE100 students

Studying DE100 not only gives you an excellent introduction to psychology and its different areas, perspectives and theories, but it also gives you the opportunity to develop your academic skills, such as essay writing, critical thinking and referencing, and in addition it gives you a good grounding in the different methodologies used in psychology. Gaining a solid understanding of the material and practising and improving your study skills now will give you a firm foundation to build on at the higher levels of your degree.

OUPS run one weekend event and a number of regional events for DE100 students. Many students find that these events inspire their studies, offering a different channel to distance learning by providing lectures and social opportunities that are a highlight of traditional "brick" universities. Students always comment on how friendly and supportive the atmosphere is at our one-day and weekend events so there is no need to feel nervous about coming on your own.

DE100 Regional Events

The regional events are usually held in Autumn (October/November) and are typically overview days that give a walkthrough of the course with additional advice on study skills that you will build as you progress through DE100. These are organised by the local OUPS teams.

DE100 Consolidation Weekend

Our DE100 Consolidation Weekend is held in January at Warwick University. This residential study weekend is an excellent opportunity to further your understanding of psychology in the context of DE100 and to develop effective study skills that provide a firm foundation for the whole of your degree. It is also a great opportunity to meet other students who are studying your module. The weekend is packed with lectures from experienced tutors and you will leave with an overview of the content of the course as well as improved study skills and an understanding of the methodological issues that psychologists are presented with when doing research.

The weekend programme of eight talks runs from Friday evening (registration from 3pm; dinner at 6pm and evening lecture at 8pm) until Sunday tea time (last lecture finishes at 3.00pm). As well as covering course related topics and study skills, the sessions allow students the opportunity of acquiring a better understanding and overview of the course as a whole and the option to discuss issues with the tutors. No matter where you are at with the course material or your level of study, the weekend provides an excellent opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills.

The lectures centre around the various topics in the course and a development of study skills and understanding of methods will be covered in specific sessions.