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How do I set up a standing order using online banking ?

This depends on the specific process for your bank but you should be able to find details of how to do this on their website or app.

You will need to provide the following details, which must be taken from the downloaded form:

  1. The name of the OUPS bank account;
  2. The sort code and account number of the OUPS bank account;
  3. The unique reference number on the form which identifies who you are so that we can tell who is sending us money.
  4. The initial payment amount and the First Payment date.
  5. The frequency, number and amounts of the subsequent payments.

The dates and amounts must exactly match the details on your form or your booking will not be valid.

It is critical that you use the unique reference number that appears on the form we send you, otherwise we will not be able to identify who you are when we receive your payments, and will not be able to make a booking for you or to contact you in order to resolve the situation.

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