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Why can't I use the details on my form to pay for or towards other events ?

This is not possible because every event has its own payment scheme and its own references that are unique to both that event and to each individual. They cannot be used for any other purposes, for example to put a deposit on or to pay towards any other events.

If you use the details on an OUPS PayPlan form to set up standing orders or bank transfers that result in money being paid to our account using any references that we have not issued to you, our system will not be able to identify who is sending us these payments or for what purpose. If you re-use the details on your form our system will automatically book you onto the same event again, potentially with an invalid payment amount that will cause your booking to be cancelled later.

We will refund any amounts paid in error in this way but will charge a £25 administrative fee for each refund requested.

We're really sorry but we don't have the manpower to sort out any "creative" uses of the payment scheme, but we are happy to hear ideas for what you would like to be able to do so that we can see if we can continue to improve the system.

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