The OUPS Chair is generally responsible (through the rest of the Executive) for the efficient functioning of the Society, on behalf of the membership.

Duties of the Chair include:

  1. Write an annual report based on the activities of the Society, for presentation to the AGM and publication in the newsletter;
  2. Conduct the business of the Executive meetings and, with the Secretary, plan the agenda;
  3. Read and sign the corrected minutes of the Executive;
  4. Chair (with the President) the Annual General Meeting (and any other general meetings);
  5. Consider and, where necessary, make interim decisions in relation to the Society's business, in accordance with Policy/Practice; report any decisions taken to the next Executive meeting
  6. Write a new "Dear Member" letter each year, for distribution to new and renewing members by the Membership Secretary, at the beginning of the (calendar) year;
  7. Ensure appropriate induction of new Executive members;
  8. Read received papers from OUSA Society standing committee and liaise with the OUSA liaison officer as necessary;
  9. Act as a signatory for cheques of the Society (in liaison with the Treasurer and/or a third specified signatory);
  10. Provide information as requested, to any individual or organisation;
  11. Maintain and update the Constitution, Policies and Practices document in association with the Regional Representative and any other interested parties
  12. .