Regional Representative

The role of the OUPS Regional Representative involves the following:

  1. Ensure liaison between Regional Committees and the Executive, keeping the Executive informed of all Regional Committees and stimulate/support regional events.
  2. Appoint (with agreement of the Executive) an acting Regional Representative for any Region that does not have a Regional Committee.
  3. Supply and update as necessary, Regional Information Packages to Regional Representatives.
  4. Maintain a national calendar of Regional and National events and ensure that details of such events are known to the Newsletter Editor at appropriate times.
  5. Supply a report to the Executive of all current events and activities. In the absence of a Regional Representative or deputy at the Executive meeting to provide a report for that region.
  6. Maintain an up to date list of Regional Committee members and inform the Society of any changes of Regional Representative.
  7. Report regularly to Executive Meetings.
  8. Maintain and update the Constitution, Policies and Practices document in association with the Chairperson and other interested parties.