The Secretary of OUPS performs duties such as:

  1. Administer the Society's correspondence;
  2. Keep files of correspondence and other important documents;
  3. Deal with enquiries about the Society, and provide details for organisation individuals that ask for them;
  4. Prepare (contents agreed with the chairperson) and distribute agenda for Executive meetings;
  5. Ensure distribution of any other necessary papers for Executive meeting: well before those meetings;
  6. Ensure the distribution of minutes of the previous meeting, to all members;
  7. Provide an accurate summary of any decision taken at Executive meetings, except where this would violate the confidentiality of third parties;
  8. Ensure distribution of copies to all Executive member-s at least two weeks in advance of the next meeting;
  9. Maintain a file of corrected minutes to be signed by the Chairperson;
  10. Prepare and collate copies of all papers needed for the AGM i.e. ¬Minutes from previous AGM Reports from the chairperson, Treasurer, Regional Liaison Officer, and auditors: annual accounts submitted, motions/constitutional amendments, if any, and anything else necessary;
  11. Give notice to members of the AGM (and any other general meetings) in accordance with deadlines laid down in the Constitution. Invite motions and constitutional amendments. Ensure (if necessary) suitable location for AGM;
  12. Act as a returning officer for the annual election, invite nominations (via the newsletter), receive nominations and announce these to the AGM; Collect CV's from candidates and display descriptions before the AGM; Ensure that ballot papers are available if needed;
  13. Organise (with the Business Administrator) National Executive meetings;
  14. Liaise with Committee colleagues as necessary - especially:
    • Newsletter Editor to ensure inclusion of Executive announcements;
    • Regional Representative to be aware of current regional events, and to inform them of any communications from regions, especially concerning changes in regional committee members;
    • OUSA Liaison Officer to deal with any OUSA decisions affecting OUPS and to ensure completion of the necessary returns to OUSA regarding delegates to the annual conference;
    • Weekend Officers as a member of the negotiation team with venue providers.
  15. To keep records of the contracts agreed with all suppliers of event services;
  16. To ensure the printing each year of the following:
    • The 'Dear Member' letter - in association with the Chairperson and Membership Secretary;
    • The membership application/renewal form - in association with Membership Secretary and OU staff (to arrange inclusion in the first mailing to students studying psychology courses);
    • The Weekend/Day School forms in association with the relevant W/E or Conference Booking Officer;
    • Any other document sent annually to new/returning members such as the forms to dispatch from Walton Hall in first mailings to psychology students in conjunction with the Chairperson.;
  17. Maintain an up-to-date list of all Executive members names and addresses.
  18. Act as a signatory for Society cheques.