Website Officer

The OUPS Website Officer is responsible for providing support for all the IT systems needs of OUPS.

These include:

1. Sourcing providers for the underlying hardware and software for the website, payments systems, email services, mailshots and back office (financial reporting, analytics, bookings, event setup etc.), agreeing any necessary support contracts, ensuring that OUPS gets IT services that are cost-effective;

2. Building and configuring the systems that enable these functions;

3. Maintaining the IT estate and ensuring that it is up-to-date by applying security patches and software updates;

4. Understanding OUPS' responsibilities regarding data security, ensuring that our processes and the underpinning systems are compliant with current Data Protection legislation;

5. Monitoring the operation of the IT systems, housekeeping resource consumption, verifying backup integrity, daily checking of operational reporting;

6. Supporting member queries regarding use of the website, investigating problems with logins, password resets and any other member queries;

7. Managing the accurate adjustment of membership changes, synchronising member information across multiple platforms;

8. Supporting any committee member IT queries;

9. Editing website content, setting up event booking information,  generating ad hoc reports for the Treasurer, Business Administrator and Event Officers.