Weekend Officer

Our Weekend Officers are the people who make the OUPS weekend events happen. This role involves working with a range of people to bring the location, speakers, tutors and delegates together, and to make it all run smoothly. The Weekend and Conference Officers:

  1. Attend Executive meetings regularly and report (as appropriate) upon the booking situation throughout the year.
  2. Attend relevant OUPS events and help with administration (particularly registration).
  3. Endeavour to carry out the policy wishes of the Executive in respect of events bookings.
  4. Liaise with other members of the Executive as necessary e.g. Conference Organisers, Publicity Officer, Newsletter Editor, Secretary.
  5. Check and confirm membership status of persons booking into events.
  6. Liaise with the Conference Officer at the relevant venue, re: maps, domestic arrangements etc. Supply same with list of persons attending, meal requirements, and additional requests from delegates.
  7. Liaise between the OUPS weekend sub-committee, the Executive and conference venue staff - ensuring communication of information relevant to each group as necessary.
  8. Organise all the social functions/events, this usually includes:
    • Applying for late bar extensions.
    • Organising a suitable room for late night discussion. c. Booking disco and suitable room.
    • Ensuring payment of fees as necessary, in liaison with the Treasure e.g. discjockey.
    • Hosting social functions.
    • Ensuring students obey licensing regulations.
  9. Assisting with organisation and administration at weekend events especially:
    • Assisting at registration.
    • Organising tea/coffee breaks to coincide with lecture breaks.
    • Being available to delegates for consultation over queries/problems etc.
  10. Ensure adequate posting of directional signs at National OUPS conferences/events;
  11. Ensure accuracy of invoice received for the event, by checking against numbers registered, before payment by Treasurer.
  12. Monitor and evaluate the booking process, and advise Executive on possible/desirable changes.