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More Tortoise than Hare

More Tortoise Than Hare


Mine is a story of more tortoise than hare!!! I am now 45 and just had the most amazing weekend of my life graduating at the Barbican.

I was never very academic at school, not thick but I had to graft for every mark. Every school report stated I was a daydreamer and I was lazy :-(. I was always the very youngest in my year with my birthday being 30th August. It was a long hard slog. I got to my GCSE's and was told I would get 3/4 C's or above and the rest would be way below. I got a total of 5 C's and 1 B. I thought I was awesome and went on to do my A levels, just  to realise again that I wasn't academic.

After flunking my A levels I thought maybe a BTEC was more up my street. Yes it was! After coming out with merits and distinctions in my BTEC in Science (health studies) my self esteem was lifted. I then decided to go to uni and study biomedical sciences.  An amalgamation of being academically immature and other matters of the heart led me to leave after my first year and from then I gave up on the academic dream.

I got a job as an entertainer on a holiday park.  A job that actually turned out to be amazing - I found out I could sing and dance pretty well and used these talents to bring joy to many and my self esteem was sky high. I loved it. I travelled the UK and had a ball. I met my now husband in this role of work. We left the industry and settled down. I then had my children but still harboured a love and thirst for knowledge! When my youngest daughter was only 6 months old we had to move counties and finding myself with itchy feet and a need to better myself I fell upon the OU website. I decided a degree was for me.

I had suffered with anxiety and postnatal depression after the birth of all 3 of my children and was still struggling after the birth of my 3rd but I saw this psychology degree as a way to help understand myself. I started and immediately loved it. I immersed myself in the literature and it gave me such a boost. It was fascinating and I was coming out with incredible marks. I had an incredible tutor in my first year who recognised that I was suffering anxiety wise and urged me to apply for DSA. I did this and was awarded a mentor and computer equipment that would help me. That first year tutor became my specialist mentor and without her I would have never got through this degree.

During my 5 years of study I have gone through many many tough times and life events. But I have got through it and I believe it has been my grit and determination that has brought me to this point. Yesterday I graduated, today I received my BSc 2.1 certificate and tomorrow I start my MSc!!!! I am currently writing a mental health programme to deliver to the staff of a housing company and my life has completely changed. All thanks to the OU!

If I can do it anyone can. I am so proud of what I have achieved and so grateful to the OU for giving me the opportunity. Yes! The OU has changed my life!!!!


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