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Tutor feedback re. remote access

 remote access s 1. How would it influence your working relationship with OUPS if we live-streamed your talks in real time (Skype-style) ? 2. How would it influence your working relationship with OUPS if we recorded your talks and offered the recordings for sale online or as DVDs ? 3. How would it influence your working relationship with OUPS if we sold copies of your handouts online or by post ? 4. Would you like to add any further comments ?
Tutor 1 It would depend on who it was streamed to. If streamed on-site, then fine. If streamed by Amazon I would be concerned (see copyright stuff below). I think this would be difficult. I use material in slides (such as OU course material) that is not really problematic in a small venue - but if sold commercially, there could be serious copyright issues. Also, I tend to make 'off-the-cuff' remarks in lectures that are, 'of the moment' and I would not like them to be recorded for posterity. Nothing weird, but I would just need to keep talks much more, 'serious' if I thought they were being sold to a wider audience. I think the spontaneity and energy of the talk would be lost. There is also the issue that material, once sold is out there for years - and could hit attendance at events. Overall, I would not be happy to have recordings of my lectures sold. I don't think there would be much point, and it could be damaging to OUPS. My handouts are designed to support the lectures, and for students to add notes in a way that makes sense to them. I don't think the handouts would make that much sense on their own. There is a lot of stand-alone material available to OU students - it is called the, 'course material.' Selling videos or handouts may bring OUPS into direct conflict with the OU. The indications are that the OU are quite touchy about OUPS encroaching on their, 'patch' - it would be wise to check with the OU before even considering selling recordings/handouts. OUPS sessions have a clear purpose - they are an intensive and interactive experience to facilitate understanding of the course material. I'm not sure that this would happen from recordings. It is the whole experience of the weekend and the, 'time out' from other distractions that is the benefit of the OUPS weekends (judging by consistent feedback from students).
Tutor 2 I would welcome it, except for one thing. I use numerous OU images and others. Copyright here could be a nightmare. Could only improve it. fine with me.  
Tutor 3 I would not work for OUPS if this was a requirement I would not work for OUPS if this was a requirement I would not allow OUPS to sell my handout and would therefore not work with OUPS if this was a requirement I would be very sad to see OUPS go down this route and would definitely not want to work with OUPS again if this is the direction that OUPS wishes to head in.
Tutor 4 As far as live streaming is concerned – it might be difficult to manage a live and streamed audience simultaneously if they were able to interact. I would not consider it to be appropriate to sell recordings if students were interacting during the session though (ie if it were a workshop style session).   Although I am not sure whether I will be doing any more events for OUPS, I would support this in principle.

Anything that makes the support more accessible to a broader range of students would be good.

What protection would be offered to tutors if recordings were “held against them” – for example if a student felt they had been badly advised?

I presume that there would have to be a decision made on how much the extra income went to tutors and how much to reducing costs for students (though there would have to be quite a difference in price as the remote students would be missing out on a lot of the “softer” input).
Tutor 5 The devil’s in the detail. It would change things a lot. I can see that it would allow access to some who might not be able to make a weekend, so I’m not ‘dead against’ – but it needs careful thought I’d be against this – this is not what OUPS is about – it would discourage people from coming to events   I’m not keen on anything that might reduce students’ incentive to come to the live weekend events. The OU experience generally lacks ‘live’ and OUPS can go some way towards bridging the gap. I’m against anything that reduces the live student experience.
Tutor 6 I wouldn't be interested in teaching for OUPS or anyone else for that matter under these circumstances. I wouldn't be interested in teaching for OUPS or anyone else under these circumstances. That is fine with me. I would understand if given my position above, OUPS would want to go with another tutor. That would be perfectly fine with me.
Tutor 7 I would be unhappy about this - it isn't part of our contract and would mean that we would need to 'go back to the drawing board' in preparing suitable sessions. Frankly, we aren't paid enough for this.  Our talks are not formal (as in TED talks) and the whole nature of the weekend support sessions would change - and in my opinion this would not be what students want. Handouts are generally less useful when the reader is not present for the session - to make them more suitable would involve additional work for us. I use Lecture Capture to record my lectures for the undergraduates at XXXX University and these can't be shared beyond the University. This experience urges me to be cautious about recordings for OUPS where there are less opportunities to control dissemination.

A couple of problems are associated with recording and, in my opinion and experience, they can spoil the spontaneity of a sessions and affect the content we choose to cover.

Firstly, there are a number of copyright issues which relate to coverage, e.g. we shouldn't show youtube videos - , and this is a shame as a short clip will often illustrate a point.

Also, students who know their contributions are going to be recorded will sometimes be shy about joining discussions which is a huge shame as the sessions are then likely to turn into more formal lectures or only a few students are prepared to share their views - and we know that student's feel unhappy when only some people take the opportunity to speak.

We have to be very careful too when we give examples which may be personal case studies or anecdotes as we know these will be 'on the record'.

Therefore, I would be very cautious about this - I know we have students sign agreements not to share their own recordings but this would be more difficult to manage.

I know students demand a lot these days but to make a product of recordings and handouts is well outside the contract we currently hold.

I don't want to be difficult but I do have experience of the issues involved. I suggest that recordings, if made available, should be independent of the OUPS meeting and supplementary to them rather than substitutes. 
Tutor 8 Last year at the May OUPs revision conference, we had two rooms -one live and one streamed - for Dd307. This was fine and it helped us cope with the large numbers booked on to the weekend.  At present we allow students to record the events they attend but not to disseminate them and I would prefer this to remain the way of working.  I do not feel as positively about other forms of dissemination of my talks at OUPs via handouts.   
Tutor 9 This is not about how it would affect my relationship with OUPS, but more about how it would affect my relationship with the students.  If I knew that I were being recorded for later streaming or sale this could change what I say in the tutorial and make me more self- conscious about how I interact with the students who are present and what I say in that I know there would be a permanent record out there and the potential for things to be taken out of context etc.  I know a lot of tutors who don’t even like their handouts being shared because of this.
This is an important point to think about in terms of some sort of insurance should a ‘difficult’ viewer/student take something out of context and decide to sue you (and/or me) for giving them wrong information.
Again it’s not so much about my relationship with the OU, but you would have to think about how much you pay the tutors and how you would reflect the ongoing sales etc. in this.  You would also need to think about who owns the copyright etc to the lectures and the online lectures etc. Also what would happen if we decided that we weren’t happy with the lecture, would we have the right to refuse permission to put it online or take it down at any point ?  I’m not saying this are non negotiables, but just things that need to be taken into consideration. I think my main issue with this is about the OU’s push for online tutorials at the expense of face to face.  The whole point of these weekends is for students to meet up with our students and tutors and immerse themselves in their studies for a while.  This is something, which is so badly needed now that we’ve done away with summer schools and for me this is potentially devaluing/diluting the weekends. I understand the constant drive to make things available online, but I  worry that it would mean that more students would take the online option and miss out on the real benefits of the weekend.
Tutor 10 My first thoughts are a pair from opposite ends of the spectrum. The OUPS-related response is to note that this is quite a departure from how it has always been. On the other hand, most of the talks I give tend to be very open, so why not this too?

Important issues are whether money is involved and whether the information will continue to have specific relevance. By the latter I am making a distinction between a lecture which represents the speaker's current thoughts on an evolving topic, and one which is concerned with a specific OU course which will be repeated, unchanged, for some years. The one-off version would be the kind of thing put on at your conferences, while the enduring version is typically a revision lecture. A case could be made for saying that the ephemeral version should attract rather laissez faire treatment, whereas when material is repeatedly relevant, then both OUPS and the lecturer may wish to pause and consider how they are financially best served.

In the past, OUPS kept careful control over material, how much a student paid for it, and how much the lecturer was paid. The control was such that certain Revision Weekend lecturers ceased to be employed, for the simple reason that they were selling supplementary materials on a freelance basis. Notwithstanding, many Revision lecturers were also Summer School tutors, and at SS they used to give a free revision talk that was very much the same (slightly less time available for it) as the OUPS lecture. Moreover, their handouts became widely distributed between the attending students and others. However, if OUPS were to sell these handouts, then a lecturer might expect one of three things: either a much larger initial fee or royalties, or that s/he could also advertise and sell them.

Some lecturers produce very detailed, stand-alone handouts, which would clearly be valuable to students. My own style is to give handouts that are an element of the overall offering, which includes the spoken component. The lecture is intelligible on its own, but the notes would not be very helpful without having the spoken explanation. It is the same with my slides; they enhance the talk, but without the talk they are of limited value. Thus, if I allow these aids to be circulated I am not parting with anything of great worth. Things would be very different if my complete lectures were distributed.

So, those, for what they are worth, are my thoughts; you will notice that I am not stating what I think should happen, merely highlighting issues. Personally, with the end of DD303, it seems unlikely that I shall be invited to give any more revision lectures; if I am asked at all I imagine it would be to give a more general talk. As I have indicated, I am rather relaxed about the way those are distributed.


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