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  • What Do I Need To Bring ?
    You'll receive full joining instructions shortly before the event you've booked. These will include an information pack with directions, timetable and all of the presentation material that our tutors make available. We aim to send these a few weeks ahead of the event, but we depend on receiving all the relevant material on time. You don't need to bring any module materials, and there is wifi throughout the campus if you want to access the OU PDFs from the module website. You don't need a laptop for most of our events, but if you're attending a workshop (e.g. research methods) then please check the joining instructions to confirm this, and if a laptop is advised, to see what software you need on it.
  • What Time Does The Event Start As I Have To Work On A Friday?
    We start registration at 3pm on the Friday, with dinner around 6pm and the evening talk at 8pm. However, students are free to arrive at whatever time they want on the Friday evening or even on a Saturday morning in some instances. The event finishes at around 3.30pm Sunday afternoon.
  • Can I Have A Room Close To My Friends?
    We are not responsible for allocation of rooms. Warwick University allocate the rooms but if you want to be next to particular people please state this at the time of booking. We will pass on this information to the University but cannot guarantee anything. However, all the accommodation we will be using is quite close together and also everybody will be eating in the same place at Warwick, unlike at Nottingham where you had to eat in the hall you were allocated to.
  • I Have Special Dietary Needs. Will You Be Able To Accommodate Them?
    There is a space on the booking form where you can identify food allergies or intolerances, which we will pass on to the University if we know in advance. You should make yourself known to the kitchen when you arrive so that they can make sure you get any special food prepared for you. There will always be a vegetarian option on the menu, but it helps if you can tell us beforehand if you will require this.
  • Is There A Cut-Off Time For Booking?
    We are limited by the number of bedrooms available to us and the size of the lecture theatres, so it is better to book as soon as you can to guarantee a place. We have a strict cutoff date for each weekend event so that we can finalise our arrangements with the venue. This is displayed on each event page and no bookings can be taken after that date.
  • Do I Have To Be An OU Student To Attend The Conference?
    No, the Annual Conference is open to anybody who is interested in the topic. We encourage delegates from a variety of backgrounds, including students, academics, researchers and practitioners as we find this makes for a more interesting conference.
  • I Live Close To Warwick So Do I Have To Pay For Accommodation?
    We do offer non residential places for those who live nearby at a reduction of £50, but you are still entitled to all your meals for this price. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the weekend programme is a very busy one, with evening lectures as well as a social programme in the evening, so many people feel it is worth having the opportunity to stay on campus, even though they might live close by.
  • Can I Share My Room With A Partner Or Friend Who Is Not Attending The Event ?
    While we are able to accommodate carers subject to conditions, we have to provide Warwick Conferences with a complete list of attendee names for Health & Safety compliance and we are charged a full room rate for each individual on that list. Hence we cannot offer a discount for attendees who share a room - each has to pay the full room cost. If your partner/friend does not attend our event they have to pay a surcharge as confirmed by Warwick Conferences. You must arrange this with Reception yourself when checking-in and must book their meals etc. at the same time. We regret that OUPS are unable to make these arrangements on your behalf.
  • Why Are There No Events Near Where I Live ?
    OUPS is a volunteer-run society that is funded entirely from the activities of the society. Although we are affiliated to the Open University Students Association (OUSA) as a student society, we do not receive funding from The Open University or any other third parties other than in connection with jointly presented events where we may share costs. Although we strive to make our events as affordable as possible we have to pay for venues, equipment, speakers, catering etc. as these are not usually free to us. We try to invest any profits that we do make into subsidising the costs of future events, by either lowering event fees for all attendees or by providing subsidies towards event places on the basis of individual needs. As a volunteer-run society we can only hold events in locations where: We have tutors/speakers willing to travel to. We have volunteers willing to organise venues, liaise with the event staff at venues and run the event (register attendees on the day, introduce speakers, carry out H&S activities etc). We can get enough people willing to pay for the event to make it financially viable.
  • What If I Arrive Late Or Have To Leave Early?
    Please go to the Reception Desk which will be open after the OUPS team stop registering. If you leave early that's fine by us. You will have received your hand-outs in advance, which will include any lectures that you might miss.
  • How Do I Get From The Train Station/Airport To The University?
    You can either take a bus from the train station which takes you to Warwick University Campus without having to change, or a taxi - there is a taxi rank outside the station. The approximate cost is £15. There is a direct train from Birmingham Airport to Coventry Station, or taxi.
  • How Can I Find Out If Anyone Would Like To Share A Taxi ?
    Students quite often arrive by the same plane/train and could share a taxi to cut the cost. While we can't share individual student contact details, it's worth checking on our Facebook pages to see if others are coming at the same time, or posting the question there if it hasn't been asked already.
  • Can I Attend Sessions On Two Different Courses At The Same Weekend ?
    You must register on one course but you can attend sessions from other courses if you wish and there is no extra charge. The sessions run in parallel so if you attend a session on one course you will obviously have to miss out on the corresponding session on the other.
  • What's The Postcode And Satnav For Warwick ?
    Radcliffe, Scarman, The Slate: CV4 7SH This postcode directs you to Scarman Road. You'll need to follow directional signage to Lakeside Village. You'll then find signposts for Radcliffe, Scarman and The Slate, which are all directly opposite to each other. Arden: CV4 8AH This postcode directs you to straight to Arden, located on Kirby Corner Road.
  • How Do I Get To Warwick By Train/Rail ?
    Coventry is on the West Coast Mainline and is serviced by regular trains, 7 days a week. Birmingham New Street (20 minutes) Leicester (62 minutes) London Euston (59 minutes) London Marylebone (1hr 40m) There's a taxi rank at Coventry station, a single journey should cost between £10.00 to £15.00, however prices may vary.
  • How Do I Get To Warwick By Bus ?
    Local buses offer a frequent and convenient way of travelling to and from campus. There are regular bus services to the University campus from Coventry city centre and Coventry rail station, with the journey taking approximately 30 minutes. For Arden please use bus service 11 and 11U and disembark at the Westwood stop. For Scarman or Arden please use 12X and disembark at the Gate House stop. For information on buses to the University from Coventry bus station (Pool Meadow) or Coventry rail station please see
  • How Do I Get To Warwick By Air ?
    Birmingham International Airport is approximately 20 minutes away and connects to many international cities. A taxi from here will cost around £30.00. London Heathrow, London Luton and London Stansted are all less than 2 hours away. East Midlands Airport is less than an hour away. Prices may vary.
  • Is There Car Parking At Warwick ?
    Complimentary car parking is available for all conference delegates at Scarman, Radcliffe, Arden and The Slate. The exact location is dependent on the venue you are allocated for your event. A parking permit is not required when using Scarman and Radcliffe, but you will be required to collect an exit code from Scarman/Radcliffe reception prior to departure. A permit is required to park at Arden which the OUPS Weekend Officer will send prior to your event. Please Note: Accessible parking spaces are available in all of our car parks. These can be used by Blue badge holders only. Further information can be downloaded via our website at following these links: Here you will also be able to access a link entitled 'information for drivers to campus', this includes local traffic news via key websites such as BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, Coventry City Council etc.
  • Is There Luggage Storage At Warwick ?
    Scarman, Radcliffe and Arden, will be happy to store your luggage in their storage facilities. Please speak to a member of the team at reception for assistance. There are no luggage storage facilities available in The Slate, therefore please store your luggage at the venue where you are staying.
  • What Time Are Meals At Warwick ?
    Breakfast is served daily from 07.00 - 09.30 for overnight delegates accommodated at either Scarman, Radcliffe and Arden. Lunch is available both in the restaurant and in the bar at each venue from 12.00 - 13.45 and dinner is served in the restaurant each evening from 19.00 - 21.00. If you have catering booked with your event, the OUPS Weekend Officer will arrange catering times. 24 hour Room Service is available for all delegates in Radcliffe and Scarman (not included in the OUPS price - please pay separately at Reception). Arden offers meals and snacks in the bar from 07:00 to 23:00. Each venue also has a bar serving a full range of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks for you to enjoy.
  • Are There Any Sports Facilities (Gym) At Warwick ?
    Small exercise rooms are available at Scarman, Radcliffe and Arden with a range of running and cross training equipment. You can also make use of the cutting edge free sports and swimming facilities located at the Sports Centre on the University campus, if you require further information just ask reception.
  • What Support Is Offered To Students At Events ?
    Before the event Our Student Support Officer is available in advance of all of our events to answer any questions regarding mobility, medical, dietary or additional needs that you may have. We will liaise with the venue to ensure that these are accommodated as far as we can to make your event as successful as possible. You can specify these when you place a booking, or can update your booking details by logging in and using the "My Account" facility. Alternatively you can use our "Contact us" to contact us in order to discuss your needs. At the event Our Student Support Officer attends the weekends to make sure any requirements like these are met and is on standby should any queries arise. We carry out risk assessments in advance of our events and liaise with the relevant venue staff (security, mental health first aiders, duty managers etc.) to manage any emergency situations that arise. OUPS is the student society however, not the Open University, and as our goal is to provide academic support we are unable to give professional counselling for individual students. If you are finding your module or workload stressful or if your study is impacting your health you should first contact your allocated tutor and the Student Support Team.


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