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The Open University Psychological Society (OUPS) was founded in 1974.  It was set up to provide support to psychology students in the Open University.

Its aim is to increase knowledge and understanding of psychology at both the module level and also of wider topics in psychology by way of offering weekend and day conferences. In addition, OUPS gives students the opportunity of meeting other students at our events and providing support and friendship amongst each other. Over the years the needs and expectations of students have changed a little and we now also provide many online events as we recognise that it is not always easy for students to find the time or finances to attend an event in person. We are pleased to be able to offer the choice!

OUPS is run by members elected to the Executive Committee who are unpaid volunteers.

About us

The OUPS Team

This is the OUPS Committee - to see what we do please click the role titles:


Professor Frederick Toates


Professor Graham Edgar


Professor Neil Frude


Evelyn Slavid


Abi Robbins

Secretary and Administration

Sarah Harwood


Dr Alan Pechey

Student Support Officer

Irene Baumgartl

Books Officer

David Clarke

Online Event Organiser

Janet Simpson

Weekend Event Organiser

Denise Ward

Publicity Officer

Gemma Gow

OUPS Past and Present

In this section we aim to share some of the history of the Society.

 Below you can find copies of some of the anniversary newsletters which give a feel for how the Society has developed over time. In addition, there is a commemorative newsletter in honour of Dr Lilli Hvingtoft-Foster, who was a long-term President of the Society and was hugely influential in the development of the Society.

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The Venue

The weekend takes place at the University of Warwick and we always have excellent feedback about the venue.

Warwick is an award winning conference venue with excellent facilities. Access to the sports facilities, including the swimming pool, are included in the price. The university's central location with excellent transport links makes it easily accessible from all over the UK and Europe. There is ample free car parking.

The specific conference building we use depends on the number of attendees and on availability, but you can find details on the event page. Both accommodation and lectures are located in the same building unless this is stated on the event page.

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