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OUPS Team member

Student Support Officer

Irene Baumgartl

Our Student Support Officer ensures that our events are designed with students with additional needs in mind. This role includes:

  1. Working closely with the Weekend and Conference organiser to understand the events that are planned and the proposed locations.

  2. Ensuring that materials used at our events are suitable to the needs of students attending.

  3. Ensuring that students' dietary requirements and room needs are catered to when they have additional needs.

  4. Co-ordinating help for students who need to bring carers or other assistants to our weekends due to physical and/or psychological conditions.

  5. Co-ordinate the subsidised place application process;

  6. Keep the Executive Committee informed of any changes to Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) that we as a committee need to action.

  7. Ensure that tutors are informed of any students who may require additional support in their sessions (e.g visually impaired students may need additional information to understand the slides).

  8. Report any concerns raised by delegates in relation to their disability to the venue event management teams.

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