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Reports & accounts

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Regulatory submissions can be found on the Charity Commission website

These are official documents such as AGM minutes, accounts, constitution etc.

Brainstorming Meeting November 2023

OUPS AGM Minutes 2023

Minutes from the AGM held 17.10.23

OUPS Annual Report 2022

OUPS annual report for year ending 31.12.22

Electoral Rules for AGM 2023

Rules regarding election of new committee members for the AGM to be held on 17th October 2023.

OUPS AGM 2022 Addendum

An addendum to the AGM minutes

OUPS AGM 2022 Minutes

Minutes from our 2022 AGM

OUPS 2021 Draft accounts.pdf

OUPS 31.12.2021 Draft accounts

AGM 2021

AGM October 2021 minutes final

OUPS Final accounts 2020

2020 signed final accounts

OUPS Accounts 2019

OPEN01 - 2019 Final Accounts

OUPS AGM Minutes 2020

AGM September 2020 minutes

Minutes of the AGM 2019 (draft)

AGM May 2019 minutes

Minutes of the AGM 2018 (draft)

AGM May 2018 minutes

OUPS 2018 Financial Statement

OUPS_2018 fully signed accounts

OUPS 2018 accounts

2018 fully signed accounts

Motions AGM 2018

AGM Motions 2018

OUPS Accounts report 2017

OUPS draft accounts 27.4.18

Letter from the Chair May 2018

Letter from the Chair May 2018

OUPS AGM 2017 Balance sheet 2016

AGM May 2017 Minutes appendix Balance sheet 2016

OUPS AGM 2017 Chair's Report

AGM May 2017 appendix Chair's Report

Minutes of the AGM 2017

AGM May 2017 minutes

OUPS 2016 Accounts

Treasurer's notes:

"Of the Bank balance of £170,003 at the end of 2016 £36k relates to payments for weekends being run in 2017 and £74k relates to contracted commitments to Warwick University.

This leaves £60k in reserve which is £20k per weekend. The University of Warwick requires OUPS to commit to accommodation requirements 12 months before each weekend takes place. This commitment is split into “confirmed” and “provisional” bookings for bedrooms. Two months prior to any event we need to finalise our confirmed requirements and either commit to or release our provisional bedrooms. There is an element of risk here especially with the changing nature of and interest in the weekends – something the Committee are working at understanding to ensure the financial risk to the society is as low as possible."

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