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Terms and conditions

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The Open University Psychological Society (OUPS) Terms and Conditions (updated 15th December 2020)

Personal data

By placing an order for an OUPS product or service you give us permission to contact you using the details supplied for purposes relating to that purchase (e.g. to send you updated event details).

Closing date for residential bookings

We only accept bookings for residential places at our events up to one week in advance of the event date. The last date on which we will accept residential bookings is shown on the relevant events pages. Delegates are welcome to book non-residential places after this date, but must make their own arrangements for any accommodation needed. OUPS cannot provide information on general room availability - please contact the venue directly if this is of interest..

Booking Events

Your booking is not confirmed until full payment has been received by OUPS.

When your booking is confirmed you will receive an automatic confirmation.


1. If you need to cancel a booking

If you book a weekend event more than four weeks before the event, or a day event more than two weeks before the event, you will have 7 days after your order is confirmed to change your mind and cancel. To cancel you must give notice in writing. In such circumstances, we will refund any money paid.

If after the 7 day cancellation period you decide to cancel, you will need to inform us in writing.

If you cancel a booking for a weekend event more than 4 weeks before the event, we will refund all money paid minus £25 administration fee.

If you cancel a booking for a day event more than 2 weeks before the event, we will refund all money paid minus £5 administration fee.

However, if you cancel after these cutoff dates OUPS will have incurred substantial costs, and no refunds will be given except in certain extreme circumstances of illness and bereavement, where the OUPS Executive Committee or the relevant Regional Committee will consider it. Any request for a refund at this point will need to be accompanied by evidence e.g. doctor’s certificate.

2. If we need to change or cancel an event

We will do everything we can to ensure that the advertised programme is carried out to your satisfaction. If what the committee consider to be only minor changes have to be made to the programme, it will go ahead at the advertised cost. In the unlikely event that the event has to be cancelled or we are forced to make what we consider to be major changes to the programme, you will be notified as soon as possible. You will be offered the option of having a full refund or having the booking transferred to an alternative event. In cases of significant alteration to the programme you might also be offered the option of attending at a lower cost.

3. Accommodation and travel expenses

OUPS will not reimburse the cost of travel or accommodation that you have arranged in order to attend an event, except where this is purchased as part of the event (e.g. Warwick weekend accommodation).

If an event is rescheduled, you may be able to reschedule travel tickets and accommodation costs but you will need to arrange this separately.

If you have annual travel insurance you may be able to claim your money back through your policy, but this will depend on whether you have cancellation cover and if it applies to the cancellation of an event you were travelling to see. We do advise you to consider taking out relevant insurance if you would incur significant costs due to travel disruption or event cancellation.


Places on OUPS events (national and regional) are not transferable. We operate a waiting list policy for cancellations on over-subscribed events and we are obliged to maintain an accurate list of attendee names for all of our events. Consequently you may not give or sell your booking to another party without our prior agreement.

5. What to expect

Rooms are pre-allocated by the University prior to arrival. The accommodation is in management conference facilities with ensuite rooms. The campus is open to public access and some facilities may be shared with other groups or organisations. We will do our best to ensure your safety and enjoyment but there are many factors that are outside our control (and other people/organisations on which we are dependent) and we cannot therefore accept liability for injury, loss or inconvenience arising from such factors.

6. What we expect of you

We would expect you to take care of your property, avoid bringing unnecessary valuables with you and to take sensible precautions regarding personal security. We also expect you to take responsibility for your own behaviour and do nothing to harm the enjoyment of other participants or uses of the facility. The Committee reserve the rights to expel delegates whose behaviour seriously impacts on the enjoyment of the event by others, and to subsequently refuse bookings for future events from those concerned.

7. What to do if you encounter problems

In the first instance contact the Warwick desk and they will inform an OUPS officer as soon as possible. If you are still unhappy, please inform the Weekend Officer or another member of the Committee. Hopefully the problem can be resolved at the event but if we are not able to satisfy you there, the matter can be put in writing to the Committee by email via Your complaint will be dealt with in a sympathetic manner and we will send you a written response as soon as possible.

8. Disabilities

We will endeavour to meet your needs. Please inform us of specific support you need before the event so we can make adequate arrangements.

Terms of Service The Open University Psychological Society

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