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OUPS Team member

Books Officer

David Clarke

The role of the OUPS Books Officer is to:

  1. Liaise with publishers to ensure a good supply of a wide range of relevant books are available for purchase by our members at Weekend Conferences and Events.

  2. Liaise with Conference Organisers to ensure copies of speakers books are on sale, in particular their latest publications.(speakers often have a supply).

  3. Negotiate the best discount available from publishers on books ordered and ensure all books are ordered on a sale or return basis.

  4. Receive and review literature from publishers concerning books of interest.

  5. Ensure prompt payment of monies received from book sales to the National Treasurer or pay them directly into the OUPS bank account, keeping accurate records of the same.

  6. Ensure prompt return of unsold books and negotiate the refund due. (Most publishers wish to give a credit note. Due to the infrequency of our orders we always seek a cash refund so funds are not tied up in stock).

  7. Keep books not suitable for return to be sold at future events.

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