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OUPS Team member


Evelyn Slavid

The OUPS Chair is generally responsible (through the rest of the Executive) for the efficient functioning of the Society, on behalf of the membership.

Duties of the Chair include:

  1. Write an annual report based on the activities of the Society, for presentation to the AGM and publication in the newsletter.

  2. Conduct the business of the Executive meetings and, with the Secretary, plan the agenda.

  3. Read and sign the corrected minutes of the Executive.

  4. Chair (with the President) the Annual General Meeting (and any other general meetings).

  5. Consider and, where necessary, make interim decisions in relation to the Society's business, in accordance with Policy/Practice; report any decisions taken to the next Executive meeting.

  6. Write a new "Dear Member" letter each year, for distribution to new and renewing members by the Membership Secretary, at the beginning of the (calendar) year.

  7. Ensure appropriate induction of new Executive members;

  8. Read received papers from OUSA Society standing committee and liaise with the OUSA liaison officer as necessary.

  9. Act as a signatory for cheques of the Society (in liaison with the Treasurer and/or a third specified signatory).

  10. Provide information as requested, to any individual or organisation.

  11. Maintain and update the Constitution, Policies and Practices document in association with the Regional Representative and any other interested parties.

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